Running teaches me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined

My Marathon Experience

Me before the race.

Running the marathon, especially the bigger races, is an exhilarating experience I think everyone should have. The months of training, dietary restrictions and feeling of anxiety are amongst the joys of marathon which cannot be compared to anything else.

Stockholm is a beautiful city and is one of the cleanest places in Europe with one of the cleanest waters in the world. Although the city itself is not very big, and you can walk to most places, the organizers did an amazing job of setting up a very unique course which starts in the city and goes through different parts such as the scenic area of Lindaragsvagen. In this marathon, you basically run the city twice and end the race in the 1912 stadium.

One of the most important aspects of running and finishing a marathon is having a strong mental capacity. Yes, getting used to hours of running, becoming strong enough to tolerate the constant pounding, and converting food into fuel is important, but not having a strong mind, will lead to disaster. You need to self-talk, and do it constantly and do it positively in order to finish. One moment of hesitation, a second of self-doubt will make you stop, and if you do stop, it will be the most difficult thing to start again.

And do yourself a favor, next time you run in a group, ditch the headphones and listen to the sound of feet pounding the ground, listening to the determination of thousands of runners running together. Listen to the sound of their feet where the only goal is facing the challenge itself. That sound is inspirational and the best music you can ever listen to.


Food tastes better when you eat it with your family


I have to admit I am a foodie. I love eating food, I love cooking food and I love reading cookbooks. In my opinion we should train our palates to become more sophisticated. That requires eating well-defined food and paying attention to the tastes and subtle flavors. A meal is not a way to curb hunger, a meal is an artwork.

Another very important issue in developing a refined palate is not saying no to any food. We should be open to trying new dishes and foods, as strange as some may be.That being said I try to eat healthy whenever I can, and if in the mood I prefer to cook and prepare my meals and I try to go as far as preparing the basic ingredients as well.

I don’t drink dairy, the reasons are too much antibiotics and additives are added to milk, and too many processes are done to have the cows milked and the product shipped to supermarkets. Most of the good fats and ingredients are extracted and sugar and vitamins are added to make up for the lost nutrition and taste. As for milk I drink coconut and almond milk, and use them for my everyday cooking. So when I am making myself scrambled eggs I will use coconut milk instead of dairy milk.

Today, after a long time I will be making a batch of almond milk. I will post the pictures tomorrow.

Almond Milk

So, here are the results from making almond milk yesterday. The recipe is quite easy; you soak the almonds in enough water (to cover the almonds by 5cm) for 12 hours. Its better to buy pealed almonds to save yourself the trouble of peeling them after soaking.

Once soaked, ditch the water and drain any water remaining in the almonds. Use a 4 to 1 ratio for your new mixture. For every 1 cup of almonds add 4 cups of water. Mix it in a food processor and add a pinch of salt. Now, its very important to strain the mixture. The liquid is your almond milk, the remaining is your almond pulp and can be dried into almond flour. I usually add some vanilla extract and if available maple syrup to the milk. You can also add agave syrup or honey.

Now for converting the pulp to almond flour, dry them on a cookie sheet in the oven on low heat, process it and voila you have your flour. You can use almond flour to bake yourself some gluten free bread.


In any Investment, you expect to have fun and money

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