I have to admit I am a foodie. I love eating food, I love cooking food and I love reading cookbooks. In my opinion we should train our palates to become more sophisticated. That requires eating well-defined food and paying attention to the tastes and subtle flavors. A meal is not a way to curb hunger, a meal is an artwork.

Another very important issue in developing a refined palate is not saying no to any food. We should be open to trying new dishes and foods, as strange as some may be.That being said I try to eat healthy whenever I can, and if in the mood I prefer to cook and prepare my meals and I try to go as far as preparing the basic ingredients as well.

I don’t drink dairy, the reasons are too much antibiotics and additives are added to milk, and too many processes are done to have the cows milked and the product shipped to supermarkets. Most of the good fats and ingredients are extracted and sugar and vitamins are added to make up for the lost nutrition and taste. As for milk I drink coconut and almond milk, and use them for my everyday cooking. So when I am making myself scrambled eggs I will use coconut milk instead of dairy milk.

Today, after a long time I will be making a batch of almond milk. I will post the pictures tomorrow.